Make a difference this Mandela Day!

Have you ever wondered “How can I help?” “How can I make a difference?”

This July is your chance to make difference, because giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.

In honour of Mandela day we have decided to run a drive for the month of July, by collecting items for the Manger Care Centre in Benoni.

The Manger Care Centre aims to intervene in the vicious cycle of poverty, by giving children, families and communities in need a chance to become a generation of hope, who are strong, dependable members of society, well-educated and morally grounded.

They encourage these individuals to help others and thus enable the next generation to excel, making a valuable contribution to the economy.

The environment they create enables positive upliftment and empowerment through various initiatives and achieve these goals through various programs that provide feeding, clothing, skills development, employment opportunities, post-rehabilitation services and housing for beneficiaries.

By providing this assistance, Manger Care Centre also gives hope by providing psychological, spiritual guidance and emotional upliftment. They strive to make destitute and vulnerable people feel that they are valuable and worthwhile members of society.

The centre currently supports 229 beneficiaries and they also join hands with other NPO’s to lend support to their projects throughout the country and often run out of the following items:

- Rice / Maize Meal / Pasta

- Spreads for bread

- Tin Foods / Cereals / Soups

- Toothpaste / Soaps

- Toilet paper / Sanitary Towels

- Blankets / Old Clothes

Any other donations are also welcome.

For more information about The Manger Care Centre, visit their website

Please drop off your items at reception by 30 July and we will make sure that the all items will be delivered to them.

For more information, or to find out what other items you can assist with (Manger Care Wish list) contact us on or 081 518 0044.

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