Glash Designs

When a loved one or pet passes on, it is often tough to decide on the best way to memorialise them.


The idea for Glash Designs was inspired by my grandmother and her love of glass-blown ornaments. When she passed, we searched high and low to find someone willing to blow us a glass keepsake using a small amount of her ashes.

We were thrilled with the results, and had so many people ask if we could do the same with the ashes of their departed loved-ones, that we decided to found Glash Designs.


We have recently expanded the range to include paperweights, jewellery, and memory shirt pillows. All of these products allow you to keep memorialise loved-ones who have passed on and keep them, and their memories, close to you always. 

keepsakes globe_red_outdoor_web_480x480


Beautiful Glass Keepsakes made with memorial cremation ash

memory pillows_480x480.png

Memory Pillows

Memory pillows made from loved-ones shirts

paperweight heart_dark_blue_outside_crop


Beautiful glass paperweights made from memorial cremation ash

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Beautiful glass jewellery made from memorial cremation ash.