Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapists provide life-changing treatment, support and care for children and adults who have difficulties with communication, or with eating, drinking and swallowing.

Speech therapy may be needed for speech disorders that develop in childhood or speech impairments in adults caused by an injury or illness, such as stroke or brain injury.

They will help people who, for physical or psychological reasons, have problems speaking and communicating.

Speech therapy can treat a broad range of speech and language delays and disorders in children and adults. With early intervention, speech therapy can improve communication and boost self-confidence.

Cherie Barker

Certified Speech Language Therapist and Audiologist

Hi! My name is Cherie and I am a certified Speech Language Therapist and Audiologist.


I earned my  degree in Communication Pathology from The University of Pretoria in 2008. Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including: public schools, outpatient hospital clinics and private practice. Experience in each of these settings provides me with a unique perspective and allows me to walk with families on their journey to help their child reach their fullest potential and find success at home, at school, and in their community. 

My career to this point has afforded me the chance to work with children with a wide range of speech and language disorders, from articulation and speech sound disorders to Autism Spectrum Disorders and everything in between. 


I am passionate about my work and I feel blessed to do what I love! Helping a child to achieve their potential is the most rewarding career I could imagine.