Pink Pineapple



Pink Pineapple uses special lash techniques that ensure healthier, more beautiful lashes that last longer and feel fantastic.

Why choose eye lash extensions?

Unlike false eyelashes, lash extensions  are individual lashes applied to each lash one by one using a semi-permanent glue. With proper maintenance, lash extensions can last up to a month

Volume Lashes

2 hours | R700

Two Week Fill

40 min | R500

Lash Removal

1 hour | R200

Classic Lashes

90 min | R700

Three Week Fill

1 hour | R500

One Week Fill

30 min | R500

Four Week Fill

1 hour | R500

Lisa Lovell

Lash Technician

Lisa Lovell is the only qualified lash technician that specializes in classic, volume and mega volume lashes while ensuring that your natural lashes are never compromised. Lisa is passionate about lashes and creating bespoke lash sets for individual clients after completing her certificate in beauty in 2017, Lisa officially opened in March 2018.  


Pink Pineapple uses the highest quality, imported silk lashes and offers a wide range of lash cleanses and serums.

DollFace lashes  are made from cutting-edge, ultra-thin, silk fibres and are handcrafted in stunning, natural patterns.

Lisa's enthusiastic, professional and friendly manner will surely have you addicted to your lashes.

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